Air conditioning

In my universe Air Conditioning is the worst invention known to man after you know guns and stuff.

It seems so harmless, so simple but really it just eats energy and spread disease.

I'm one of the those people who don't really feel heat unless its scary hot but the slightest breeze and I'm in a jumper. This is the first time in year I've tried to NOT wear tights in summer. It's taking some getting used to but I'm coping. I realise most people are the opposite and Air Con can seem fantastic.

You see I hate when its 28c outside people but the A/c on at 12c. Whereas if it was 12c outside they'd put the heating on. The damn thing isn't meant to work like that! You leave the temperature alone say at 19 or 20c and don't mess with it and the constant temp will be comfortable. Instead we go from boiling to freezing which ends up with us all catching a cold, dry skinned and feeling very dehydrated.

Why o why can't people use it properly? I mean there are better way to keep cool, like opening a window! I even think fans are a far better idea (a trick my friends told me is to put a bottle of cold water behind the fan thus it direct cold air out). I guess my problem isn't with a/c itself but the universal lack of intelligence when using it. There is always some idiot turning the temp down and frosting up the place.

I'm ranting I know but I'm in my office with Goosebumps and the occasional shiver because certain people here think 12c is great. I keep meaning to ask if it's so great why are you wearing a cardigan...

Now I'm off to get a warm beverage to prevent hypothermia.


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