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Fun and Fonts

Its only a few more days until my sisters wedding. As wonderful as weddings are, I can't help but think they would be better if they weren't so much hassel. The awful part is that most of the trouble isn't created by the people getting married but everyone else. One family has one tradition the other family has another, one person want this food the other hates and so on and so forth until not one can remember why they bothered. Some how it all manges to work out on the day.

Anyway I was surfing the the web the other day and came across this really cool site, its fonts from movies and tv shows. Oh the fun that can be had.

Over and out

home cooking

I couldn't be more happy that its friday. Even though I have a million little things to fit in this weekend I'll hopefully get to see some friends and enjoy my mum's cooking. Is there anything better then you own parents cooking? To me its like going back to being a child, every meal was delicious and more of a treat then going to some fast food place or a restraunt. Of course at the time the odd McDonalds was fun but I'd take home made food over that any day.

There is a phrase in bengali, translated it means 'by your own hand'. Its so very very true, it mean there is a certain satisfaction to eating a meal or dessert knowing you made this yourself, the flavours will be just right becasue you know how it should be. This is probaly why I love my folks cooking so much, its the spices I grew up with, other people can cook the same dish but it just won't be the same.

The other thing, is there has to be an element of love or passion when cooking, I know that the m…

Wind that shakes...

Went and saw 'Wind that shakes the barley' last night. After reading serveral review I wasn't sure what to expect, some claimed that this should have been made years ago and others that it glorifed the IRA. After seeing it all I can say is what a brilliant film, it manages to do the almost impossible and give a more balanced view of certain aspects of Irish history. Be warned though, its throws you in from the very beginning and is not for those who are sensative to violence. I don't see how anyone could think this 'Glorifes' the IRA, it does attempt to explain the resoning behind thier actions, just as it trys to explain the view of people who were for the freestate (whether you agree with either side or not) but the film doesn't condone or validiate any sides actions.

All work and no play...

I've said this before, but I really do possibly have the best boss ever. Maria is more like a friend who happens to sign my holiday form which means I work ten times harder for her then I would for the crone who runs the studio. I know that when (and if) I ever leave this place I'll do my best to keep in touch with her but I'm not so sure about anyone else here.

A guy at work is having his last day today and I'm going out to his leaving lunch but I was thinking, as much as I like this guy I doubt I'll ever see him again.You have a strange relationship with people you work with, they see you more then people you live with and people you are in a relationship with, but how much do you know them and vice versa. I find even though I had a millions jobs I've only kept in touch with a few people from one job at Books Etc. Maybe its becasue there was only about 8 of us and we all worked in very close contact but its strange that I don't even text anyone else. Peopl…

Big Bear Week

A lovely morning is out today, the warm glow of sunlight is brightening up the world and its nice and warm. Summer is fantastic.

I normally don't bother watching too much television and until recently our ariel was so bad there really wasn't any point but I'm hooked on Big Bear Week (BBC1 7pm). It is fantastic, I don't know why but I'm one of the those people who could watch animal planet for hours, but the BBC always go to extra effort to make thier documentaries that little bit better then anyone else. (I'll say my David Attenbourgh is the best, post for later).

The series is following Black bears, Brown Bears and my personal favourite Polar bears in Canada. I think its done by the same team who work on Big Cat Diary, who always name all the animals and get really invovled on the action. On Monday one of the guys was just a few feet from a Brown Bear and guide somehow manged to talk to bear out of getting any closer. I can't wait for more tonight!

dr lego

Eoin and finished watching the new series of Dr Who the other day and I have to say I really like the new series. There is a rather strange appeal to the show, it doesn't have the best special effect, and the plots are sometimes rather random but it is fun. I remember watching it as a kid, not really understanding a thing that was happening, just that two people would hop into a blue police box and go off to other planets (which all looked like they were filmed in someones back garden) and fight robot aliens. Ahh how I loved it! I also recall an exhibit at the Museum of Moving Images in London (before it closed down) and they had loads of the aliens and the real model of K-9, it was totally cool. So I thought until I found this, yes indeed its Dr Who lego! Is there any end to the marvel that is lego?

Carpe Diem

Why does the weekend seem to move at hyper speed while the weekdays can drag?By Wednesday the weekend is a myth, invented to keep people going but your not sure if you'll ever make it, sometimes it can go by so quickly you find yourself back at Tuesday trying to recall if Sunday actually happened.The world we know is driven by economics, people need money to survive. To buy food, have shelter etc but surely everyone need more in their life then the pursuit of wealth. I'm sure most people would agree that there are a million things in life which are more important then money but how much time are we left with to indulge in these things that make life worth living...There are 168 hours in a week.We spend on average...
42.5 at work
56 asleep (That's more then half the week gone)
15 Hours eating or preparing to eat
10 hours in the bathroom and getting dress
5 hours travelling (to and from work if your journey takes 30mins)
3 hours tidying, washing dishes etc
2 hours shopping for groc…

The grass is greener

London has been boiling the last few days and I'm loving it. Summer is such a fantastic season, makes me feel healthier and more alive. I'd happily stay up all night in summer and could spend all day laying down in a garden. This lends to my theory that I'm part reptilian (in my case snake) and need direct sunlight to be truly happy. When the weather is like this I can't understand why anyone would want to be anywhere else.

The only draw back is the topless loons. They are everywhere we've all seen them, the men and women who walk around topless and or practically naked just cos its a tiny bit hot. I hate to be a pain but it is far cooler to wear loose fitting clothes made of linen then it is to walk around topless or wearing the tightest shortest thing known to man. Brains before skin cancer please...

What baffles me is the whole going away during August thing that Britain has. August is always fantastic in London, why leave? Holidays are always at their most expens…

Philip K Dick

Philip K Dick is probably one the best Science Fictions authors I've ever read. Though I surpirsed myself the other day when I realised, I've never read one of his full length novels only the short stories (which are fantastic). If you haven't heard Philip K Dick then I'd be rather surpised as Holloywood love filming his works: Total Recall, Blade Runner, Paycheck, Minority Report and A Scanner Darkly to name the really big ones.

So this morning I stuffed 'The Man in the High Castle' into my bag. The novel is set in the 1960 but in a world were the US never joined the Allies and Europe fell to Nazi Germany. I've only read a few chapters and I have no idea where its going but already I'm hooked.

The best thing about his stories is you really don't know where he is going, sometimes he just leaves the tale in the middle and the rest is up to your imagination. Some people hate this but I find it refreshing, some stories don't need an over explained de…

Air conditioning

In my universe Air Conditioning is the worst invention known to man after you know guns and stuff.

It seems so harmless, so simple but really it just eats energy and spread disease.

I'm one of the those people who don't really feel heat unless its scary hot but the slightest breeze and I'm in a jumper. This is the first time in year I've tried to NOT wear tights in summer. It's taking some getting used to but I'm coping. I realise most people are the opposite and Air Con can seem fantastic.

You see I hate when its 28c outside people but the A/c on at 12c. Whereas if it was 12c outside they'd put the heating on. The damn thing isn't meant to work like that! You leave the temperature alone say at 19 or 20c and don't mess with it and the constant temp will be comfortable. Instead we go from boiling to freezing which ends up with us all catching a cold, dry skinned and feeling very dehydrated.

Why o why can't people use it properly? I mean there are bet…

a sickie

Everyone at some point has done this. You wake up in the morning, you are exhasuted, your hoping your phone will ring any moment and someone will be saying 'You don't have to go to work today (insert insane reason here i.e the building is riddled with a plague of rats)' and you could just stay at home guilty free. But no, instead your alarm goes off and you have to try your best and drag yourself to the bathroom, all the while wondering...should I call in sick? Or course you don't and end up at working doing the most tedious jobs, whilst coming to the realisation that had you taken today off nothing owuld have happened.

I had one of those mornings today, for months now I've been awfully busy with barely time to breath and then I got there, the calm few days before it all picks up again and my oh my how I'd love to stay home, but I can't. I'm trying my best not to give in to the fake sickness cycle even though it calls to me. I wish that when I've don…


When I was a kid we just to live in Neasden and I remember there being a real community between the neighbours. One in particular was Mary, an absolute gem, who lived across the road. She had two kids the same age as me and my sister and would often baby sit. Even after we moved house, we often went back to visit her.

She remembers very distinctly that one afternoon when I was 3, she was looking for a way to entertain me, so I ran up to her with a video tape and proclaimed that I wanted to watch Superman. To her surprise I'd manage to pick the right cassette from the massive collection of videos she had. When she asked me how I knew this was the tape I replied (in my know it all voice) 'well it says S-man so thats got to be it' as if she couldn't read. Both Mary and my mother claim that I would watch the superman films over and over again (though I was very scared of general zod and still can't speak of the electric woman in 3) and it was the best way to get a few …

Garfield is my hero

Every now and then I pick up a news paper and there he is, old reliable Garfield, making the world a little more amusing.

Now I know there are greats like Peanuts, Dilbert and Calvin and Hobbes but none can hold a candle to that lazy fat cat. Which is why a 3d movie version of him running around was bad enough but now there's a sequel and the worse part is a whole generation of children will grow up not know the true genius of this orange lump. They already ruined Dr Seuss's Cat in the Hat and the Grinch why must they continue!

If he knew or could be bothered I'm sure the cat would say it better, but there is something to be said about 2d animation. I mean who else understands that Mondays are the work of the devil, bed is the best place in the whole world and food is meant to be enjoyed!

Yes Toy Story was fantastic, like most pixar movies but I still love real cartoons. Recently they haven't been fantastic and good ones like Titan A.E are practically ignored but this doe…

Mary Poppins

It was my friend Kum's birthday on tuesday, so last nigth we went and saw Mary Poppins (I think its one of her absolute favorite musicals). If you haven't seen it on stage trust me you are missing a treat.

I was worried that it wouldn't capture the magic of the movie and how could anyone hope to be as good as Julie Andrews but this was superb!

Note they did change a few bits to be more in line with the book but that just adds to the fun. There are whole new scenes and songs. Most incrediable was the set, whoever thought of it was a genius. I don't think I've ever been more impressed by just how detailed, interesting and versertile the stage was and of course the magic bag scene still has me guessing as to how they did it.

I have to admit I in awe when she started flying and terrified when the toys came to life. Go and see it as you'll be entertained in the most delightful way.

I couldn't talk about Mary Poppins without saying Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Water Water

Summer is here or so it seems for a few days before it changes its mind. I love summer, the heat, the long evening and the extra energie but I almost always get dehydrated. Why, well cos I'm rather silly and often just forget to drink some, this year I'm trying my best to remember but I'll probably never hit 2 litres a day.

So why the water obsession, well in Rome I noticed that most places we went had these lovely public drinking fountains. We only bought one bottle of water and just kept refiling. Now a lot of people think of bad hygeine or just don't like them, but these fountains were great, the water tasted nice and refreshing, it was cold and exactly what you needed (and frequently) in such weather. I began to think we need more of these in England as bottled water can be ridiculously expensive and people frown at you if you dare ask for tap water.

Having never thought too much about the issue before I was really interested to read this article…

French Films

You know how I was talking about being guilt tripped into things by family, well guess who is spending Saturday in Wales...its a long annoying story so I'll yap about something else.

I have to say I really like the French cinema I've seen, the three colour movies are brilliant and loads of other gems. Then of course there is everything Luc Besson but Jean-Pierre Jeunet is quickly winning me over entirely.
We recently re-watched Amelie and I have no idea what it is about this film but it, all the quirky little bits, like when she turns to water and melts. Strangely I love how theI absolutely love movie is coloured with all those bright hues of green and red, just so beautiful and even though I always rave about it the soundtrack is probably one of my personal favourites. So after watching it we went out and bought A Very Long Engagement, I been put off seeing it as a few people told me it was pretty much the same thing but not as good. Teach me to listen to others without seeing…


Sometimes family can be the best thing in the entire world and other times you wish you could take them to the shop and exchange them for a better set, then you realise nobody else has it much better.

The purpose of my ramblings today is to figure out why on earth we as sane human beans keep doing insane things due to wierd obligations.

Before I confuse you let me explain, my father-in-law seems to think his children should run along to heaven knows where, whenever some random person they've never met: dies, has a birthday, is in hospital, turns into a blueberry. He then gets upset should they object, under this reasoning 'I know them and have to care, thus you to must care! otherwise I look bad'.

My sister is notourius for the guilt trip, anytime something is happening in her life I'm expected to drop everything and be there, not matter how major or minor. She'll ask me to go to X which is fifty miles away from me but easy for her as she drives, and then wonder why I…

back again

I'm back at work after a week off. Its amazing how a week how pass so quickly and still feel like a lifetime.

Rome was very different to what I expected, the Collesium and Palatine were incrediable. We spent the whole first day just wandering around the city going from site to site and random chruch to random castle. You couldn't have asked for better, the sun was boiling (and our room was a fridge) and there was plenty of ice-cream. Unfortunatly I hate how rude people in Rome are, the entire place is swamped, I kept getting vertigo in the Sistine Chapel (which is lovley but I think there are other places in the Vatican museum to rival it) becasue of the heat and sheer volume of people. Then there is the added bonus of almost being killed everytime you try and cross a road, its a real shame how polluted the place is as well. Rome is well worth seeing but unfortunatly its ruined by the modern world. You'd be standing somewhere beautiful like at the Trivi Fountain and the en…