The x-men movie's been out for a while and I've done my best not to say what I think of it. Mainly because it would take hours to type how I feel. I think the word 'dissapointed' would sum it up for me. However last week I got a delivery of a whole new bunch of trade paperback and am wishing I had more moeny to spend on comics. Finally got to read House of M. (Note Spoliers to follow)....

Oh my godness I never realised Scarlet Witch could be so powerful! To be honest I never liked her or Quicksilver but House of M makes up for thier boring nature. On to Astonishing, why on earth are the bringing Cassandra Nova back, wasn't she annoying enough the first time? I think NorthStar should be in it more and lets not talk about Exiles, I mean no more Mimic, come on, how are we meant to cope.

Anyway's I couldn't find an imagine of myself that I liked (I know imagine the therapy bills, chocolate and books are cheaper), so I'm using Sage instead...(Sorry to Marvel if this breaks some copyright thing). Just in case you haven't heard of Sage she's pretty cool if you go to the uncanny x-men link on my site you can read about her powers etc. She super-computer smart and a bit of an outsider, go figer as to why I picked her ( I bet you were expecting Neil Gaiman's Death).

Enough about Comics catch you later


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