The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The sun is shining and birds are singing and Eoin bought me the 'Wizard of Oz' on DVD could the day get any better? Well yes they could tell me the server is down so I don't have to work today, somehow I don't think its going to happen. So why am I so thrilled with the DVD, well its got all these extra things in it like copies of cinema tickets from when the movie opened back in 1939 and proper productions still etc, in otherwords loads of memorabilia as well as 2 extra discs of special features that are worth watching for once.

interresting in it's own way. I now have more sympathy for the witch, but then I guess we all like our villians to be more complicated these days. I'm tempted to go see the musical but I'veI recently read 'Wicked' by Gregory McGuire, it not really in the same vain as L Frank Baum but its heard mixed reviews, if anyone's seen it let me know what you thought. So why this love for such an old movie, well I guess its because 'The Wizards of Oz' is one of the earliest movies I can remember watching as a child, but it was also the first (for me) to introduce the concept of suddenly being wisked away to another world. Its the same reason I love Peter Pan, an ordinary kid can have adventures and become a brave hero when given the chance.

The earliest movie I can recall in total clarity (mainly cos I could probably recite it line by line) is the 1978 Superman movie. My mum still teases me about how many time I would watch this over and over again so you can imagine how excited I am about the new movie coming out, but we'll save that for a future post.

Here is the offical Wizard of Oz site if anyone's interested


  1. How strange - I just picked up a copy of Wicked at the library this morning (I had to reserve it, the nearest library LOST their copy) looks good, I think I'm going to enjoy it.

  2. Now you've got that out of your system lets never watch the wizard of oz again!


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