tell me why

I don't like mondays...

The sky is grey and dreary, the world has a sleeply mournfulness to it that will drag on throughout the day. After a glourious weekend London woke up to rain and the reminder that living on an island means very changable weather. Thank heavens for the gulf stream otherwise it would be a hell of alot worse.

Don't misunderstand me someday's like rain, it gives you an excuse to hide indoors and take a bubble bath. Or you can curl up on the sofa with a book while rain echoes on the window plane. Guiltless in the knowledge, there is no use going outside. For some unknown reason the rain reminds me of 'La Valse d'Amélie' (but only the piano version, which I think is 'the waltz in Amelie' from that lovely movie). I can hear it running in the background of my thoughts and wisking my mind away to a fictional Paris encapsulated by a green hue, with cobbled streets and a wandering garden knome.


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