scrubs and my day

Eoin and I have been watching loads of 'Scrubs' recently, I have to admit I wasn't sure whether I'd like it or not but now I'm totally adicted. The only porblem is that I'm getting and internal dialogue thing (like JD). This could be one of the many signs of madness or even more worrying, evidence as to how much televesion affects our lives.

So I come in early most mornings to start work around 7:30am this is followed by a blissful half hour of silence until the drones arrive. Somedays Jo and I have a decent chat about what books we are reading and the general state of fiction. Snice leaving Books etc it's always such a relief to talk to people about new books, doesn't matter what they are reading most of the time I really enjoy just listening. Then when your really passionate about something of course you like to hear and talk about it.

Others days it quiet until Maria (my blessedly kind) boss arrives, she manages to brighten up the day just by being her cheerful self. If I ever leave this place, I know that I'll alway miss her company. The other day when she found out we were losing our old flat she bought me a doughnut and told me surf the web to find a new place and not worry about work. After that it's time to make myself comfortable and pass the day poking at the database until it does what I want. It's not thrilling nor is it rewarding but it passes the time and on occasion I get to design a cover which cool. I have to mention the office drama, gossip and advice, on some occasions it can rival Oprah.

For example you wouldn't believe the fuss that's going on behind's the weekley weigh in for most of the girls in the office (no I don't dare take part) the tears I think are optional.

Acutally I think I'll leave the overview to Zach Braff, he's a lot funnier.


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