Why is it Music at the moment is so awful? I'm finding it really difficult to listen to the radio for more then five seconds. I'm not sure when it began but recently I haven't been able to find a single new band or singer that hold my attention. Loads of bands are just recycling sounds that their predecesors have already taken to the top for example Franz Ferdinand and Co are all heavily inspired by The Smith, just not anywhere near as cool. It's probably why big band is making a come back, but once again you have the problem that it's been done before and done better (this is in refference to Jamie Cullen, though nice and talented seems like a cheap knock off of Harry Connic Jr and the whole Rat Pack...don't get me started on Robbie Williams).

Why am I ranting, well I was just listening to Tom Wait's 'Closing Time', which was recorded in 1973 and thinking how this great album hasn't aged and never will and wishing other people could produce music that was half as good.

Ignore me I'm far too picky and moan to much...


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