Mixed tapes

Moving house the other day I came across loads of my old cassette tapes and I kept thinking about all the songs I haven't listened to in an age that used to keep my company.

Today my boss Maria and I were just talking about the joys of the mixed tape and how no one makes them anymore. Remember years ago when CD's were super expensive and MP3 a myth you put your favorite songs of the minuet on a tape for a friend or you'd tape those songs you really liked off the radio.

I mean I love being able to download almost any song I want from the multitude of sources but I miss getting tapes off friends. They'd introduce you to new singers, bands and occasional had live recording to obsure songs that weren't on albums. They took time to prepare and had to be carefulyl constructed. Burning a CD just isn't the same.

I think Nick Hornby has a whole section in 'High Fidelity' about this very subject.


  1. I have to admit I personally do not miss this. As you say technology has advance and there are lots of other pros such as: quality, the ability to take your whole music collection wherever you go, ability to display names in different languages, ability to organise these in genres, albums, etc, ability to watch films and more.

    Yes you have guessed right, I have an ipod video which I am totally in love with as it can do all of the above plus store pictures and files. It is the world of efficiency.

    After saying all this, the funny thing is that I have to record a cassette of some songs from the ipod for my dad this weekend. The only way I could think of doing this is to burn music onto a CD and then put it in the hi-fi to play and burn onto a cassette. The joy and advance in technology.

    By the way very cool blog, keep it up shadow_falcon


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