driving me up the wall

I'm on holiday next week, so of course one of the products is going horribly wrong. Basically the worst thing that can happen in publishing this close to a deadline...a rewrite. At the end of last week the publishing director told me that the author on a particular product had totally messed up and the product had to go back to first draft (it's due out next week). This meant me having to do the whole thing over with a different author. We are still working on it and somehow I know I' m going to be called all next week about it. I'm very close to reinacting that scene in 'Office Space' when they beat up the photocopier.

At least its Friday the most blessed of all days, if it continues to be horrid I'm treating myself to an ice-cream lunch. Speaking for which is there anything nicer the ice-cream on a hot day...


  1. Sorry to hear that. Though if there is a problem, shouldn't it belong to the author and not you. It is not your job to mop up their mess right

  2. I wish, oh how I wish they would realise that vey true fact. I won'te be blamed directly if its late, only if its released late due to my being away. It comes down to the same thing, its not my fault but I still have to fix it. Luckily my boss won't let me take any flak for this as she is very nice and totally blames the author.

    thanks though :-)


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