caffine is life support

Offices most of the other places I've work seem to fuel the caffine addiction. I get here at about 7.30am its better for everyone's health if no one talks to me untill after 9am, my only reason to be here so early is to leave ages before everyone else and not get stuck in oxford street traffic.

I stopped drinking caffinated tea and coffee last september, this was a great move, I was less moody, able to sleep better and less likely to feel like collapsing on my desk. I know for a fact this madness began the second I began working for Books etc, first it was one cup in the morning after a while coffee was the fuel that made me last through the day. If I was hungry instead of being sensible and eating something I'd drink coffee (thus I could keep to my bugdet without spending extra money on food, besides lunch). My first few months here, horrifically strong coffee stopped me from sleeping on my desk as I'd crash in the afternoon and barely be able to function. If you asked me a year ago I would have said I could live without the stuff, even though I'm drinking decaf now I still get cravings, I have to admit I do give in and get a can of coke but never the unlitmate Tall Latte with caramel from Starbucks that I used to adore.

Of course snice then I being to see just how bad the addiction is in my office (and probably most work places). There are sensible people who avoid tea and coffee all together, these are the rare souls, the morning people and then there is everyone else. Most of the people here in the studio cannot open thier eyes unless they've had thier morning coffee, in fact there are days when I could have a cup bought to me every half hour without lifting a finger. Its strange but you can almost see how the drink quickens them back to life and God I miss it!

The reason I'm yapping about this is yesterday for an hour the coffee on our floor ran out, leaving only decaf and I have to say, I was very grateful to the sensible soul who went to the basement and got some more as things were turning nasty.

You have no idea how much fun it would be to swop the two types over for a day but I don't think I'd want to be responsible for all that bloodshead.

Oh well there is always more drinks in the ocean, now I'm off to have a decaf herbal tea...


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