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driving me up the wall

I'm on holiday next week, so of course one of the products is going horribly wrong. Basically the worst thing that can happen in publishing this close to a deadline...a rewrite. At the end of last week the publishing director told me that the author on a particular product had totally messed up and the product had to go back to first draft (it's due out next week). This meant me having to do the whole thing over with a different author. We are still working on it and somehow I know I' m going to be called all next week about it. I'm very close to reinacting that scene in 'Office Space' when they beat up the photocopier.

At least its Friday the most blessed of all days, if it continues to be horrid I'm treating myself to an ice-cream lunch. Speaking for which is there anything nicer the ice-cream on a hot day...

caffine is life support

Offices most of the other places I've work seem to fuel the caffine addiction. I get here at about 7.30am its better for everyone's health if no one talks to me untill after 9am, my only reason to be here so early is to leave ages before everyone else and not get stuck in oxford street traffic.

I stopped drinking caffinated tea and coffee last september, this was a great move, I was less moody, able to sleep better and less likely to feel like collapsing on my desk. I know for a fact this madness began the second I began working for Books etc, first it was one cup in the morning after a while coffee was the fuel that made me last through the day. If I was hungry instead of being sensible and eating something I'd drink coffee (thus I could keep to my bugdet without spending extra money on food, besides lunch). My first few months here, horrifically strong coffee stopped me from sleeping on my desk as I'd crash in the afternoon and barely be able to function. If you ask…

Power of One

My sister-in-law, Aine came to visit last night before she heads of to Greece for 6 weeks. She's been living in Australia for the past two years so its always nice to see her when we can. Do you ever find when people go really far away for ages that when they come back it sometimes seems like no time has past? I find it comforting.

Anyways, I've been reading loads of random books recently and though some of them have been amusing (like 'Moab is my Washpot' by Stephen Fry) its been a little while snice I read something great. I fin with really amazing books you need about 10 mediocure ones before you can read another great one. So I decided to re-read 'Power of One' by Bryce Courtenay. Its the story of a little English boy growing up in South African between the 1930-50's. If you haven't read it I highly recomend it, some books you just shouldn't miss. I started yesterday but already I've fallen back into the story, there is a certain charm about…

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The sun is shining and birds are singing and Eoin bought me the 'Wizard of Oz' on DVD could the day get any better? Well yes they could tell me the server is down so I don't have to work today, somehow I don't think its going to happen. So why am I so thrilled with the DVD, well its got all these extra things in it like copies of cinema tickets from when the movie opened back in 1939 and proper productions still etc, in otherwords loads of memorabilia as well as 2 extra discs of special features that are worth watching for once.

interresting in it's own way. I now have more sympathy for the witch, but then I guess we all like our villians to be more complicated these days. I'm tempted to go see the musical but I'veI recently read 'Wicked' by Gregory McGuire, it not really in the same vain as L Frank Baum but its heard mixed reviews, if anyone's seen it let me know what you thought. So why this love for such an old movie, well I guess its because …

Avenue Q

On Friday nigth Eoin, Beth and I went on saw 'Avenue Q'. Its a new musical with puppets similar to 'Seasame Street' but with a few major differences that just have to be seen to be believed. In any case it was excellent, even Eoin who's rather die then see a musical enjoyed it.

I've still got 'Everyone's a little but racist' and 'The internet is for porn' in my head.

Go hence forth and see it, you won't be dissapointed.

tell me why

I don't like mondays...

The sky is grey and dreary, the world has a sleeply mournfulness to it that will drag on throughout the day. After a glourious weekend London woke up to rain and the reminder that living on an island means very changable weather. Thank heavens for the gulf stream otherwise it would be a hell of alot worse.

Don't misunderstand me someday's like rain, it gives you an excuse to hide indoors and take a bubble bath. Or you can curl up on the sofa with a book while rain echoes on the window plane. Guiltless in the knowledge, there is no use going outside. For some unknown reason the rain reminds me of 'La Valse d'Amélie' (but only the piano version, which I think is 'the waltz in Amelie' from that lovely movie). I can hear it running in the background of my thoughts and wisking my mind away to a fictional Paris encapsulated by a green hue, with cobbled streets and a wandering garden knome.

The love of Friday

It's Friday and if you used to read my old blog then you know that this is my most beloved day of the week. Why not Saturday or Sunday, well you see by the time you hit saturday morning you know that monday is coming and if you sleep in you kick yourself for not taking advantage of what little free time you get. Now loads of people have to work on both Saturday and Sunday which really sucks (I know I loathed it). Friday on the otherhand is unmarred by the following week hanging over you. It doesn't matter what you have planned for the weekend (good or bad), Friday is here and the world is better for it. People are in a better mood, your in good spirits especially if it's sunny, you feel like the week is drawing to a close and around 6pm you can finally unwind and relax or get ready for a great night out. If only everyday was as nice as a Friday.

And around 4pm don't for get to eat a Crunchie and listen to The Cure...

I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's gre…

earthsea anime

Hey take a look at this!

Eoin and I were talking last night about fantasy novels of 'Earthsea' came up as I absolutly love all 6 books and Eoin only likes the first one. Anyway after being bored at work and trying to find new and exciting movie that are being released this year I discovered that they are making the 3rd Earthsea book into a anime movie. I can't wait, I just hope it doesn't take to long to translate it or at least put subtitles on.

Just in case you haven't had the chance I highly recomend 'Princess Mononoke', 'Spirited Away' and the very fun but wierd 'Cat Returns'. The guy who made them is like an anime legend and his son is making this.

scrubs and my day

Eoin and I have been watching loads of 'Scrubs' recently, I have to admit I wasn't sure whether I'd like it or not but now I'm totally adicted. The only porblem is that I'm getting and internal dialogue thing (like JD). This could be one of the many signs of madness or even more worrying, evidence as to how much televesion affects our lives.

So I come in early most mornings to start work around 7:30am this is followed by a blissful half hour of silence until the drones arrive. Somedays Jo and I have a decent chat about what books we are reading and the general state of fiction. Snice leaving Books etc it's always such a relief to talk to people about new books, doesn't matter what they are reading most of the time I really enjoy just listening. Then when your really passionate about something of course you like to hear and talk about it.

Others days it quiet until Maria (my blessedly kind) boss arrives, she manages to brighten up the day just by being her…

Mixed tapes

Moving house the other day I came across loads of my old cassette tapes and I kept thinking about all the songs I haven't listened to in an age that used to keep my company.

Today my boss Maria and I were just talking about the joys of the mixed tape and how no one makes them anymore. Remember years ago when CD's were super expensive and MP3 a myth you put your favorite songs of the minuet on a tape for a friend or you'd tape those songs you really liked off the radio.

I mean I love being able to download almost any song I want from the multitude of sources but I miss getting tapes off friends. They'd introduce you to new singers, bands and occasional had live recording to obsure songs that weren't on albums. They took time to prepare and had to be carefulyl constructed. Burning a CD just isn't the same.

I think Nick Hornby has a whole section in 'High Fidelity' about this very subject.


Why is it Music at the moment is so awful? I'm finding it really difficult to listen to the radio for more then five seconds. I'm not sure when it began but recently I haven't been able to find a single new band or singer that hold my attention. Loads of bands are just recycling sounds that their predecesors have already taken to the top for example Franz Ferdinand and Co are all heavily inspired by The Smith, just not anywhere near as cool. It's probably why big band is making a come back, but once again you have the problem that it's been done before and done better (this is in refference to Jamie Cullen, though nice and talented seems like a cheap knock off of Harry Connic Jr and the whole Rat Pack...don't get me started on Robbie Williams).

Why am I ranting, well I was just listening to Tom Wait's 'Closing Time', which was recorded in 1973 and thinking how this great album hasn't aged and never will and wishing other people could produce musi…



The x-men movie's been out for a while and I've done my best not to say what I think of it. Mainly because it would take hours to type how I feel. I think the word 'dissapointed' would sum it up for me. However last week I got a delivery of a whole new bunch of trade paperback and am wishing I had more moeny to spend on comics. Finally got to read House of M. (Note Spoliers to follow)....

Oh my godness I never realised Scarlet Witch could be so powerful! To be honest I never liked her or Quicksilver but House of M makes up for thier boring nature. On to Astonishing, why on earth are the bringing Cassandra Nova back, wasn't she annoying enough the first time? I think NorthStar should be in it more and lets not talk about Exiles, I mean no more Mimic, come on, how are we meant to cope.

Anyway's I couldn't find an imagine of myself that I liked (I know imagine the therapy bills, chocolate and books are cheaper), so I'm using Sage instead...(Sorry to …

Moving blog

Well it's tuesday, which is never a bad day, as it's always far superior to the ghastly day known as Monday.

I've moved blog from diaryland to this place, so forgive me as I find my feet and settle in...
The old blog and old entries can be found here...
I'll try and attached the text file of all my old post at some point.

I was listening to my i-river on the way into work this morning and as one album ending the player went on the the TV themes folder, and lo and behold I was seven years old again. My personal favourite has to be 'Jayce and the Wheeled warriors' it is perfect. E is a major advocate for the 'Racoon's' theme 'Run with us' and I once lived with a girl named Sam who thought 'Bertha' was the best thing snice sliced bread. Kids cartoon themes are not even close to being as good.

There are some really cool episodes of 'scrubs' where the lawyers acapella group sing theme songs, person fav 'underdog' from seas…